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Company Profile

Colibrex is a 100% subsidiary of LS telcom AG who is a worldwide market leader in the provision of integrated spectrum management systems and their integration with monitoring systems. At the same time, LS telcom AG develops and markets software for the design, planning and optimization of broadcast, PMR, mobile and microwave networks.

Colibrex´s mission is to develop and offer specialized services and innovations within the fields of radio frequency measurement, operation and regulation of drones. Within a few years, Colibrex has established itself as pioneer and worldwide leader in drone RF measurement.

By combining its experience as a professional drone operator with the long-standing expertise of its parent company LS telcom in the design, adaptation and maintenance of  dynamic databases used by regulatory agencies, Colibrex has recently presented its new innovation, “Drone-Flight-Check”. With this drone registration and authorization management database & app, Colibrex offers a solution to the growing concerns towards aeronautical and public safety and homeland security around drones.

Other services in the area of implementation, testing, operation and maintenance of wireless networks round the portfolio of Colibrex.

Last but not least and thanks to the acquisition of a machinery base at the Baden Airpark, Colibrex also acts as regional manufacturing service provider for mechanical components. We especially target industries where precision, thoroughness, flexibility and small to medium-sized batches are requested.