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Antenna Measurements

Reliable and economic antenna radiation measurement using drones

Do you know the actual radiation of your antenna systems? Do you need a confirmation for site acceptance test ? Do you want to verify the conformity of an operator with its license?

Colibrex offers antenna patterns measurements, mast inspections and site surveys using Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPA). Determine in an easy, quick and cost-efficient way the true radiation characteristics of your RF transmission installations and receive high resolution video and photography of the ground facilities and of the mast.

Our capabilities include

  • Horizontal and vertical radiation pattern measurements
  • Key data on tilt, null fills and Effective Radiated Power (ERP)
  • Cost effective and high accuracy compared to conventional helicopters
  • Extremely high reproduceability of the measurements based on precise flight positioning and orientation
  • Export of the true antenna diagram in electronic format
  • Possibility to perform new coverage simulation using CHIRplus_BC
  • Flexible deployment enabling to measure high, medium or low power transmission sites in various types of environment
  • Measurements follow the guidelines of ITU (ITU Report ITU-R SM.2056)
  • For all broadcasting standards as well as further applications like trunked networks (e.g. TETRA) or some mobile telecommunications standards
  • Optional photographic inspection of masts and mounted equipment
  • Mast inventory and regulatory compliance audits

Application Fields & Customer Groups

  • Broadcast Operators, Site Owners
  • Operators of Critical Communications Services
  • Telcos
  • Spectrum Authorities
  • Military Organizations

Drone antenna measuremens are of interest for:


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Drone Measurements

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Drone Measurements White Paper & Technical Analysis


Airbone Measurement for State-of-the-Art Acceptance Testing and Verification of Broadcasting sites: