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Colibrex - worldwide leader in drone measurements and drone management

We are a 100% subsidiary of LS telcom AG who is a worldwide market leader in the provision of integrated spectrum management systems and their integration with monitoring systems. It´s our mission to develop and offer specialized services and innovations within the fields of radio frequency measurement, operation and regulation of drones.

What We Can Do For You

Drone Measurements

Antenna pattern measurements and mast inspections using Remotely Piloted Aircrafts (RPA) show you the true radiation characteristics of your RF transmission installations. New applications in the fields of spectrum monitoring complete our portfolio.

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Drone Management

Drone registration, user-friendly flight approval mechanisms, geo-fencing and drone traceability are some of the features Drone-Flight-Check provides - preparing the path to an Unmanned Aerial Systems Traffic Management (UTM) system.

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For precise & high-quality metalworking in the electronic and other industries, flexible manufacturing capabilities and experience of skilled specialists are necessary. That´s what Colibrex offers as regional manufacturing service provider.

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Upcoming Workshop

Workshop on Drone-based NavAids measurements

As many potential users have expressed the wish to see the very innovative NavAidDrone solution in a real environment and live conditions, Colibrex organizes the first “International workshop on drone-based NavAids measurement”.

When: New date will be announced soon
Where: Baden-Airpark (Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport, located South-West Germany)
Content: Presentation of ILS measurement technology and LIVE MEASUREMENT DEMONSTRATION with various NavAidDrone flights conducted in and around the Baden-Airpark Airport (equipped with CAT III ILS)

Beside the NavAidDrone live demonstrations there will be interesting presentations on topics like :

  • Challenges when measuring ILS signals on a moving and overhanging platform
  • Comprehensive system integration as key for accurate ILS measurements
  • Software-based NavAids inspection workflow as facilitator for CNS engineers
  • Drone-based VOR measurements
  • Absolute field strengths measurements for applications like GBAS
  • Possibilities of drone-based measurements for navigation radars

An interactive discussion with the representatives from various ANSP organizations will round-up the workshop.

Latest News

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