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For precise & high-quality metalworking in the electronic and other industries...

...flexible manufacturing capabilities and experience of skilled specialists are necessary.
This is what our Division Metalworking does offer as contract manufacturer to small and medium-sized companies.

Colibrex Metalworking Division, a manufacturing service provider for high-quality precision-mechanic in the electronic and other industries...

Do you need precise, high-quality, flexible and quick metal processing for your subassemblies or devices?

Are you looking for an uncomplicated and trustworthy alternative to your existing suppliers?

Colibrex presents itself as a regional manufacturing service provider for mechanical components for the production of precise sheet metal parts and subassemblies. You can benefit from the longstanding experience of our employees in metal processing work for sensitive industries like in the electronics. We especially target manufacturing and companies and engineering labs where small to medium-sized batches are requested.

Complete assemblies

Fixing plates

Nickel silver pieces (shielding parts)

Aluminium pieces

Plastic pieces

Our manufacturing possibilities

  • Precise metal parts, mainly made of aluminum, nickel silver, brass and mu metal
  • Further materials such as technical plastics, e.g. woven glass and epoxy (FR4), PMMA, POM
  • Individual parts and components as well as complete sheet metal assemblies with rivet and press-in nuts or anchoring and pointing parts can be produced
  • Thanks to our flexible organization and machinery park we are pleased to handle single pieces like samples or pre-production units up to larger series
  • On request, we undertake surface treatment by working with our selected suppliers
  • We are specialist in producing metal pieces used in electrical, electronic and electromechanical assemblies and for all applications, where precision and clean treatment are important

Further services

  • Production of devices according to drawings or customer requirements
  • Modification of mechanical and electromechanical components such as screws, axles of rotary switches, heat sinks, connector strips

Our producing capabilities in details

  • Turning / spinning Ø= 150mm x 500mm
  • Milling 500mm x 250mm
  • Drilling up to Ø=20mm
  • Bending up to 1000mm x 2mm
  • Cutting 1000mm x 3mm
  • Thread cutting from M 2
  • Spot welding of aluminum, brass and steel
  • Sand and glass bead blasting up to a part size of 300mm
  • CNC-Milling 600mm x 400mm
  • CNC sheet metal nibbling 2000mm x 1250m

Your advantages

  • Thanks to a flexible production facility and experienced workmanship, we are able to realize customer wishes which would not be feasible in the case of a machine park exclusively designed for large-scale production and a staff structure based on this
  • As a subsidiary of the LS telcom group, Colibrex offers you a solid partnership
  • As a supplier of renowned companies such as Becker Avionics, we are always focused on ensuring high quality requirements and supplier loyalty