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Smart Drone Solutions For

RF measurements of ATC surveillance and air defense radars (PSR/ SSR) as well as MLAT/WAM

The Colibrex / FCS RadarDrone, currently under development, is a unique RF measurement tool system designed to perform specialized field measurements for commissioning, trouble-shooting or regular maintenance of military or civil radar and surveillance systems including primary (PSR) and secondary (SSR/MSSR) radar installations. Based on the same drone platform and receiver design than as the NavAidDrone, the RadarDrone features primary radar and secondary surveillance radar (1030/1090 MHz channel) receiver front-ends, antennas and dedicated processing software designed to provide an in-depth analysis of the RF signal-in-space.

Measuring radars is a complex task

The RadarDrone provides a totally new approach with the following possible applications

Recording of vertical and horizontal antenna gain patterns

Optimization of radar tilt

Low altitude coverage measurements

Measurement of interferences, e.g. from wind turbine parks

Obtaining of in-field RF data as input data for electromagnetic simulations

Assessment of the RF field load including reflections for the optimization of 1030/1090 MHz multilateration MLAT systems


EU Regulation No 1207/2011 requires the member states since June 2020 to assure that SSR transponders are not subject to excessive interrogations. Validation tests to measure these interrogations can be  performed at SSR hotspots using the RadarDrone.