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Smart Drone Technologies


In line with our approach of using and delivering full integrated systems, and in order to facilitate the operation of our drones in the field, we have complemented our offering with various accessories and options. Some of them have been specialy designed to perfectly fit with the rest of the system.

Instead of having various components like laptops, chargers and wifi links on the field without knowing exactly where to put them, use our full integrated Ground Control Station. Fitted with a powerfull microcomputer, a 15 inch 400 nits bright screen and a keyboard with trackball, the GCS can be started in just a few second and operated everywhere. Programming an automatic measurement mission, a flight path with appropriate waypoints, controlling the telemetry data or the measurement results; all these operations can be realised more comfortable. A very unique feature is its capability of being powered either via a standard power supply cable or via the same battery that is used in the COL-X8 drone (with the same plug & play slide-in mechanism). Therefore, an operation in an isolated field without access to mains supply is possible.

Last but not least the GCS integrates the various links with their corresponding antennas for control, telemetry and data download. For the applications with the NavAidDrone, an external unit with the appropriate router as well as a connection to the RTK base station complete the solution.

With our Battery Charging Station, there is no need to have separate power supply unit and chargers, no cables dragging across the floor, and no touching of connectors!
Following our concept of batteries with plug-and-play slide-in enclosures, just plug-in up to 4 batteries and wait until you receive the signal indicating that the batteries are fully charged and ready for the next flight.

The Battery Charging Station is equipped with 2 pieces I-chargers 406 duo and paired with a strong Mean Well power supply in a waterproof and transportable hardcase.

For cm-level positioning accuracy of our drones, we have decided to integrate a rover GNSS module and antenna from Septentrio, which design the world's best GNSS receivers for demanding applications.
A specific module has been designed for the integration into drone / UAS, providing RTK positioning at the lowest power consumption of any comparable device on the market. This means lower heat dissipation and longer operation on a single battery charge. The unit offers among others multi-constellation, multi-frequency all-in-view satellite tracking Centimeter-level (RTK) position accuracy with or without a real-time data link, anti-jamming and monitoring system + advanced GNSS algorithm.

As a Septentrio integrator, we supply additional equipment like the RTK base station that we recommended to use when being in an environment where online correction values can´t be easily provided.

When it comes to drone operations requesting a longer flight time than the one provided by batteries – for example for long-standing monitoring – our COL-X8 drone can be provided with a so-called “tethered kit”.
The tethered system provides permanent power supply via a cable starting from a 2400W AC/DC power converter on the ground. It is also fitted with a stable downlink communication via Ethernet cable.
On the drone itself, the power is converted down to the voltage necessary to supply the electronics and the motors. The system is provided with a power monitoring unit with acoustic alarm and an automatic short term LiPo backup circuit on the drone.

The tethered drone can typically go up to an altitude of 80m.
The complete unmanned drone monitoring system can be easily transported on a pick-up and deployed quickly.