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Smart Drone Technologies


Smart drones use smart software.  A smart software should combine both the drone control as well as the receiver interface. It also connects drone sensors with the payload.
Our software have been developped targetting this goal. Our receivers use positionning information delivered by the drone.
Our software allow to use only one Ground Control Software while others might still need to use multiple software.

The NavAidDrone software has been designed with the objective to include the full functionnality to operate the drone for ILS measurement.
Among the unique features, it includes a powerfull module to calculate the accurate flight plan and receiver parameters,  depending on the selected measurement profile.
Live preliminary results are available together with Live Telemetry. Only one software is used for both drone monitoring/programming and measurement.
This unique solution allows fast activity even during normal airport operation.

The CMS offers a modern and intuitive graphical user-interface. The user does not need to learn and remember the usage of dozens of settings and buttons, he can intuitively perform actions. The interactive measurement charts and maps enable fast and efficient operations. The CMS includes its own GIS allowing the operator to use different file- and also web-based maps like open street map (OSM).

Wave Composer is our current in-house software designed to allow to program the receiver as well as the drone.
During the operation, the measured pattern is drawn in real time and live telemetry information are available.
Wave Composer includes a measurement database as well as a powerfull reporting module.