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ILS commissioning support and regular inspection

The new Colibrex/FCS NavAidDrone is a unique and revolutionary system to carry out specialized field measurements required for commissioning and regular maintenance of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) of all categories.

The advantages are considerable, for example for the adjustment and regular inspection of a glide path antenna, compared to a telescopic mast. The telescopic mast, which due to height limits has to be installed near the antenna and thus on the runway necessitates the closure of the same. The NavAidDrone on the other hand can measure directly at the middle marker, well away from the runway. A single measurement takes 3 minutes only and can even be scheduled between take-off or landing of regular aircrafts. In addition, the drone captures the data at a point where a fully established signal-in-space in the 3° approach path is available.

Clearance and width measurements for the localizer can be realized via “arc flights” of the drone and do not require service roads. The measurement system can also be used for runway courses.

All in all we defined various measurement profiles including LOC or GP “slope flights” to be conducted within a segment of the ILS approach path, as realized during flight inspection. The measurement results can be used for correlation analysis with the data from flight inspection with the ultimate target to extend flight inspection periods, which is obviously the most convincing argument for the measurement via drone.

The NavAidDrone can streamline ILS inspection and commissioning

Key benefits of our solution

What are the applications of NavAidDrone?

Advantageous use cases

  • ILS periodical measurements as specified by ICAO, to reduce ground-based inspection cost
  • Correlation with flight inspection data for overall optimization of ILS/VOR installations and preparation for the extension of flight inspection periods with the corresponding savings
  • Special measurements to detect degradation of ILS/VOR signals coming from change in the surrounding infrastructure or moving structures (cranes, temporary buildings, …)
  • Support of ILS commissioning during/after installation of new systems or replacement/repair of antennas, potentially enabling a reduction of flight inspection efforts
  • Special measurements to facilitate maintenance and problem detection; possibility of extensive offline data analysis

What’s special about NavAidDrone and different from other solutions?

Designed for high performance and easy of use

As the inspection of critical systems such as ILS requires the highest level of professionalism, accuracy and reliability, we decided to design the NavAidDrone as an integrated system together with the NavAids experts FCS Flight Calibration Services. FCS as highly recognized provider of flight inspection of navigational aids contributed with their valuable expertise and experience.

The receiver technology integrated in the NavAidDrone system was designed in cooperation with and approved by PTB, the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology, Germany´s authority when it comes to accurate and traceable measurements.

Unlike other concepts available on the market, NavAidDrone is “one measurement device”, consisting of a complete system including the receiver and specially designed antennas.

Who is already using the NavAidDrone?

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