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We are proud of our worldwide projects

Our drone-based RF Monitoring projects

Please note that for confidentiality purposes, we do not disclose the results of our measurements.

Our Projects

Under the frame contract signed with the BNetzA, Colibrex will be commissioned on project basis for various types of drone-based spectrum measurement. This ranges from ad-hoc finding of interference sources or jammer up to antenna measurement to verify the conformity of licenses. Colibrex and BNetzA recently also achieved a first with special measurements of 5G antennas.

BIPT´s target is to perform on its own drone-based spectrum monitoring tasks and has trained some of his engineers as drone pilots. After a thorough evaluation of the offering on the market and a dedicated tender process, BIPT selected Colibrex for the delivery of a complete spectrum monitoring drone solution. The LS OBSERVER AMU has been provided with various software functionalities and with all necessary accessories like Ground Control Station, Battery charging station, high-end RTK system, etc…