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We are proud of our worldwide projects

Our Drone-Based Antenna Measurement Projects & Case Studies

Please note that for confidentiality purposes, we do not disclose the results of our measurements.

Our Case Studies

Our Projects

We are proud to be the first operator having conducted RPA antenna measurements in Asia. In a project consisting of 14 sites in phase I, we completed the first session of 5 sites. Together with our partner Wamata Solutions, we had to master several challenges related to flight authorizations, on-site communication with the civial aviation authorization, frequency interferences, weather constraints and site access. Our work was worth the effort, as we could deliver key information to MYTV, the new DVB-T2 operator there, and its system supplier to identify some critical issues on the antennas that have been then corrected.

During autum 2016, we conducted our first project in Sweden for the major broadcast operator Teracom. A total of 14 antennas at 11 sites could be successfully measured by our team, managing some challenges related to weather constraints, or the operation of the drone in an urban area.

Being already in Scandinavia for the Teracom project, our team continued its journey up to the North of Norway to measure 3 sites, just before winter´s snow. Interesting to note that some of these sites are impossible to be measured by a conventional helicopter, we did it with our measurement drone!

Our long-standing customer Towercast has commissioned us for various challenging sites in different regions of France. Among them the Pic de Neulos in the Pyrenees or Cherbourg at the Cost of the Manche Channel.

After 2014 and 2015, we again had the chance to conduct measurements for SRG SSR in the challenging environment of the Swiss landscape.

Via our partner Panos inzenjering d.o.o., we measured DVB-T2 antennas at 3 interesting sites in Croatia. The antennas belong to the state broadcaster OIV and the measurement project was part of a site acceptance test of the antenna supplier.

After realizing our project at Hornisgrinde, we got the opportunity to fly this other site located near to our office. Both DVB-T and TETRA antennas could be successfully measured during a sunny late autumn day.

Antennas need to be carefully checked as part of site acceptance of new broadcast installations. Towercast gave us this mission for two of their sites: a new tower in Besançon and an existing installation in Toulouse! Interesting challenge to get the authorization and to fly in the “Rose city” of Toulouse.

Repeat orders constitute the best proof of confidence into our measurement capabilities! Thank you to SSR SRG for commissioning us with a new measurement campaign with 5 sites measured in 2015. Among them the incredible site of Rigi “Queen of the Mountains”.

Thanks to a special test license negotiated with the Belgium civil aviation authorities, we could conduct the measurement of 3 sites to Norking Belgium. The height of the tower in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw (300m) didn´t prevent us from a successful measurement flight!

The Colibrex team has successfully measured two nice sites around Oslo early in December 2014. The weather condition was a real challenge but the team managed to measure all the antennas.

Colibrex has been contracted by Emitel to measure an impressive site with 7 different antennas. The team has spent 3.5 days on site.

The Colibrex team has been pleased to visit the area of Zürich and to delight the nice Swiss landscape.

The team has spent two times 15 days in Colombia in order to measure 12 sites in sometimes very strong conditions. You can read more about this project in the article published in our LS Spectrum Special Edition Broadcast from January, 2014.

The Colibrex team has spent a nice day in the mountains close to the city of Gap. The access was very difficult as we had to walk nearly 2 km in the snow but the outcome of the day was very fruitful for our customer.

In order to demonstrate our capabilities, we have organized together with SWR two days of measurement at the Hornisgrinde site in the Black Forrest, few kilometers from our office. For sure the shortest trip of the year!!

The Colibrex team has successfully measured for the first time several TETRA installations in the area of Leipzig.