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PAPI calibration

We are currently designing an additional “PAPI calibration” payload for our NavAidDrone.
If you already use our NavAidDrone, e.g. for ILS inspection, you just need to swap the payload to get a versatile drone solution dedicated to the inspection and calibration of Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI). You benefit from all the advantages of the professional NavAidDrone hardware and software platform. No need to register a new drone system, no need to train people for a different drone platform, no need to use a different software to operate the system.

Provided with a first-in-class optical sensor with high resolution, the drone records PPS based meta/time synchronized video streams that are automatically analyzed by dedicated algorithms. We can perform typical analysis such as light indication change angles or horizontality. Comparable with the ILS Glide Path measurements made at the Middle Marker, we can make use of the very precise data from our high-end RTK system and achieve very good correlation to the glide path indication.

Similar to the NavAidDrone, the solution for commissioning and for regular controls of the PAPI is supported by a complete workflow which is automatically managed by our ground control software.


A complete inspection of PAPI on a runway can be realised in a few minutes


Our high-end RTK positioning and the ability to check the lights at different distances ensure a very precise analysis


As a stand-alone application or parallel to ILS inspection, airport inspection and maintenance can be optimized