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Smart Drone Solutions For

Inspection of VOR/DVOR

The NavAidDrone, by means of an additional software module, is also suitable for VOR measurements – without any hardware changes! This application is very useful to check near ground CVOR and DVOR installations during commissioning, before the costly flight inspection takes place. In addition to the well-established representation of bearing errors on short radials or orbit flights close to the facility, the NavAidDrone’s dedicated signal processing allows the separation of the VOR’s signal components for probing into further details.


Especially in case of a Doppler VOR, the high complexity of installing the numerous sideband antennas and their respective cables often leads to incorrect connections. Moreover, the fixed monitor antenna in the vicinity of the DVOR and the output of its receiver does not reveal all types of possible erroneous installations. The NavAidDrone reveals here its superior capability!

VOR spectrum and radiation of single SBO antenna pair switching with indicated frequency deviation